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Ayre Acoustics V-1 Balanced Power Amplifier Ayre Acoustics Ayre Acoustics V-1 Balanced Power Amplifier Listed On 26.03.2020
Last Update On 26.03.2020
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Ayre Acoustics V-1 Balanced Amp




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The V-1 is a fully balanced zero-feedback design. Among the reasons Hansen avoids negative feedback is his belief that, when you route the signal at the output back to the input, the speaker cable ("a large antenna," he calls it) induces a healthy dollop of RF. Throw RF back to the input and, depending on the amplifier's intrinsic response, you will amplify it.

In order to make that interesting combination of fully balanced and zero negative feedback work as planned, every transistor in the circuit must be individually tested and matched in pairs. That must add at least $5 to the final price of the amp—there are 64 output MOSFETs alone!

Rated at 200Wpc continuous power into 8 ohms and twice that into 4, the V-1 should have no trouble driving most loudspeakers. The power supply features a two-stage choke input filter that includes a huge toroidal transformer and two pairs of chokes (one each for the input- and output-stage power supplies), plus a bank of filter caps. The choke/filter-cap combo filters RF from the AC line, and the chokes also store energy in their magnetic fields, so there's a more continuous source of power supply current, according to Hansen. A conventional chokeless power supply charges the reservoir caps with quick pulses, which can act as an internally generated source of RF. The power supply also features discrete rectifiers instead of a rectifier bridge, in order to use the fastest devices available.

The input stage is a cascoded complementary-differential circuit that directly drives the complementary source-follower output stage. Very basic. This same circuit is used in the K-1 and K-3 preamps, with different-value parts and, of course, different voltages: ±15V vs the V-1's ±60V. The input connectors (a pair each of XLR and RCA jacks) are directly soldered to the input board, which is attached to the inside of the rear chassis wall. The boards are the same high-speed ones used in the K-1. Two pairs of Cardas speaker terminals (for biwiring) are connected via short runs of Cardas wire to the output circuit board. The terminals are not in parallel, as they are in most amplifiers. Instead, separate pairs of wires run from the output board to the terminals.

There is no servo in the circuit to remove DC. DC offset is minimized at the factory via tiny holes in the back of the chassis—these allow adjustments to be made with the top on, so the amplifier is at normal operating temperature. According to Hansen, the V-1 is a "true DC amplifier": 1V of DC into the circuit will yield 20V DC out. Of course, when the amplifier "sees" DC, power is removed from the output stage and the V-1 reverts to warm-up mode. There is no microprocessor in the protection circuitry

The Ayre V-1 is well known for it's enormous current drive, and therefore offers immense control and dexterity with difficult to drive loudspeakers.




Solid-state, stereo power amplifier.

Output power:

200Wpc into 8 ohms (23dBW)

400Wpc into 4 ohms (23dBW).

Voltage gain:


Input impedance:

10k ohms per signal phase (10k ohms unbalanced, 20k ohms balanced).

Power consumption:

30W in standby mode, 300W in operating mode, no signal.

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