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Meridian M60 Active Speakers Boxed Meridian M60 Active Speakers Boxed Listed On 06.02.2020
Last Update On 06.02.2020
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Meridian M60 Active Speakers Box




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Very good for age, with original packaging.

Analog input RCA to XLR



Here is an independent review:


Stereo imaging and sound stage (width and depth) are superb. Individual instruments and vocals clearly and accurately reproduced. Excellent dynamic range, combined with sharp attack and decay on percussion. Overall, a wonderfully involving sound, exciting and yet relaxing to listen to.


Can't think of any weaknesses as far as sound reproduction goes. My wife thinks the speakers are too big and plain in design, but she loves the sound.

Prior to purchasing the M60 active speakers I auditioned many passive loudspeaker and amplifier combinations, from various manufacturers (Meadowlark, Naim, Mission and Meridian). Eventually I found the Meridian DSP5000 speakers with Meridian CD player to be a revelation in clarity and detail. Not ready (nor rich enough) to go fully digital I settled for the analogue M60 speakers which use the same cabinet, drive units and amplifiers as the DSP5000. My CD player is a Meridian 508.24 and preamp is NAD 1000S Monitor Series. Connection from preamp to speakers is via balanced cables.

The music I listen to is a mixture of classical, rock, and electric blues. The sound stage and imaging on instruments and vocals is outstanding and reproduction of percussion, especially drums and cymbals, is quite superb. On good live recordings, the venue's ambience is clearly reproduced. Bass power is remarkable and very satisfying, and gives a real punch to the music.

After three months of listening I am still thrilled by the sound of these speakers. I can play them loud enough to imagine myself at a live venue, and the sound remains clear, involving and thrilling to listen to. There is no aspect of their performance that I can criticise.

Setting up is important though - use the balanced inputs rather than the unbalanced (balanced working opens up the treble) and experiment with the position of the speakers in the room to get the best bass response.

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