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Audioquest Blizzard Low-Z / Noise-Dissipation AC Power Cable AudioQuest Blizzard Posted On 24.05.2024
Last Update On 25.05.2024 AudioQuest Blizzard
AudioQuest Blizzard AudioQuest Blizzard AudioQuest Blizzard
Description Original Description is in Turkish, other language texts are translations and can contain errors. EnglishDeutschSpanishTurkish

2 metre kutusunda yeni gibidir.

Düşük Z / Gürültü Dağılımlı 3 Kutuplu AC Güç Kablosu

Perfect-Surface Copper + (PSC +) İletkenler​

72VDC DBS (Dielektrik Önyargı Sistemi)

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Length   10   inch
Width 15 inch
Height 7 inch
Weight 1 lbs
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50 USD

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Istanbul - Turkey

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