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Dali Helicon 800 MK 2 Loudspeakers Boxed - Retail £7000 DALI Helicon 800 MK 2 Loudspeakers Boxed - Retail £7000 Listed On 29.06.2020
Last Update On 29.06.2020
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Dali Helicon 800 MK 2 Speakers




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Original boxes, some damage to top edge of one speaker, lots of reflections in photos! one tweeter has been replaced- so has darker dome than the other.

The Dali HELICON 800 MK2, the largest floorstanding model in the all-new Dali HELICON MK2 range, shares many features and technologies in common with our acclaimed top-of-the-line EUPHONIA series to place it head and shoulders above the competition. The distinctive curvature of the side panels and the brilliant sheen of the high-gloss lacquered cabinets are a foreshadowing of the quality and refinement of the technology concealed within.

The Dali HELICON 800 MK2 is a musical revelation for your stereo listening pleasure and a tower of strength for your surround sound movie viewing, employing dual 8" bass drivers for tightly controlled, powerful deep bass extension and Dali's unique hybrid tweeter module for sparkling, extended high frequencies with remarkable resolution. A moment's listening reveals a new world of detail, subtlety and unbounded dynamic potential that conveys all the complexity, power and passion of the greatest music and finest films

DALI makes it easy to integrate loudspeakers in any room. They carefully select driver materials and geometry as well as design the crossover especially to achieve wide dispersion. DALI loudspeakers fill a wider area of the room with smooth, integrated sound. They design loudspeakers for optimal frequency response (consistent sound pressure regardless of frequency), even for listeners seated off-centre.

Reflections press on the rear of the drivers, standing waves bounce back and forth between cabinet surfaces; structural resonances cause panels to vibrate. For the most correct and true-to-life sound, internal reflections and vibrations must be reduced as much as possible. DALI achieves this through optimal cabinet design based on the finest - sometimes very complex materials and geometry.

3 Way Drive Technologies

Providing unrivalled full-frequency sound from a compact enclosure

Mid/woofer drivers are designed with lightweight wood fibre cones

Hybrid tweeter module with a 1" dome and a ribbon tweeter

Optimal cabinet design based on the finest materials and geometry

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