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Helius Omega Silver Ruby Tonearm Helius Designs Omega Silver Ruby Tonearm Listed On 02.09.2020
Last Update On 02.09.2020
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Helius Omega Silver Ruby Tonearm




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Very rare!

A beautiful example of the Helius Omega Ruby Silver tonearm. Comes with original box and packing. The silver tonearm wire is terminated to an rca block which is fixed to the turntable. This allows your own choice of interconnects to the amplifier or phono stage. Beautifully machined with sculpted aesthetics. Those of a certain age will recall the Innovative Helius arms of the 80's and 90's. The Cyalene, Orion and Scorpio spring to mind. The Omega is very much 21st Century yet the innovation from the past continues today.

From Helius:

The Silver-Ruby Omega is the high-performance version of the standard model and is differentiated  from its sibling by being the chromatic negative of the standard version; instead of being a black arm with a silver counterweight, the Silver-Ruby model is silver with a black weight.

This aesthetic rule is not strictly enforced, customers can order this version with a black finish although it does become difficult to tell the two models apart.

Mechanically the two models are very similar, the tungsten balls are replaced with 12 large rubies that are formatted in the Helius tradition of a tetrahedral 3-ball race. A unique design perfected by Helius in the 1980’s and used ever since.

The jewelled bearings are coupled with silver internal wire.

Highly recommended *****

Voltage ? na

Manual? - yes -

Mains lead? - na

Remote? - na

Original box/packing? Yes

Age? - circa 2018

Owners? - 1

Condition? excellent

Operation?  Tested - Full working order

Service History? no

Modifications?    none

Useage?   average

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