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Arcitec Athena Loudspeakers ArciTek Acoustic Athena Loudspeakers Listed On 30.05.2021
Last Update On 30.05.2021
ArciTek Acoustic Athena Loudspeakers ArciTek Acoustic Athena Loudspeakers ArciTek Acoustic Athena Loudspeakers ArciTek Acoustic Athena Loudspeakers ArciTek Acoustic Athena Loudspeakers ArciTek Acoustic Athena Loudspeakers
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Arcitec Athena Loudspeakers




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Good working order and very good condition.

Athena Athena 0.5 Frequency response Cross-over frequency Sensitivity Imperdance, nominal Short-term max. power Long-term max. power Woofer Tweeter System Weight Dimensions (L x H x W) 45-20,000Hz, +/- 3dB 2,500Hz 85dB (1W/1m) 6 ohm (4 ohm min.) 200W 150W 2 x 5" woofers with NRSC Cone 28mm textile dome 2-way bass reflex 12.5 kg. / 29.9 lb. 200 x 150 x 1,020 mm / 7.9 x 5.9 x 40.2"STRENGTH:Beautiful expressive, never harsh sounding and with a very sweet open treble + strong sense of timing.Perfect combination of analytical and musical sound. Great looks too!

Listen to the sound …

These loudspeakers really make it worth your while. Relax, lay back, close your eyes – and surrender your senses to the warm, even sound flooding the room. Clean. Precise. Perfectly balanced.

We have named this series of speakers Athena in praise of their strength and beauty. Athena was one of the Olympian gods. She was held to be the inventor of creative arts such as leatherwork, pottery, sculpture and painting, and was consequently adopted as guardian of arts and crafts.  Half art, half craft, Athena speakers are beautiful to look at and a pleasure to listen to – but words are not enough to describe the Athena sound. It has to be heard to be believed. So – lean back, listen to the sound, and enjoy. Athena, out of this world!

Just take a look! The quality is clear to see, as the raw and unvarnished material has nothing to hide. What you see is what you get. It is the naked truth.

Two-channel stereo or home cinema

With the introduction of the latest digital sound systems such as dts and Dolby Digital (AC-3), the integration between two-channel stereo and home cinema has never been a more obvious step – from the points of view of both sound and function. The new digital systems create the experience of being present at your favourite concert or watching your favourite film in a 360° sound universe with extremely high resolution and clarity. The Athena range of speakers is developed for both high-end stereo and home cinema, and, as such, they utilize the new technology and provide you with the ultimate experience in sound.

Athena – standing sound perfectionAthena is the flagship of this range of speakers. A great deal of attention has been given to the sound performance so as to achieve the most natural reproduction. Therefore, the fea­tures have all been chosen for their superior qualities as well as for the contribution they make to the ultimate goal – the perfection of the sound reproduction.

As it stands, the Athena is the best possible choice of front speaker for versatile sound sys­tems that combine audio and home cinema, or for conventional High-End two-channel systems.

The Athena 0.5 can be wall-mounted either vertically or horizontally. 

Athena 0.5 – great sound, great flexibility 

We have chosen to call the Athena 0.5 a wall speaker, although it can be positioned almost anywhere: on the floor, on a shelf, or on the wall – horizontally or vertically, as you please. In addition, thanks to the unique fixing brackets, you can angle the speaker by as much as 30°.  Due to this extraordinary flexibility, the Athena 0.5 is easily integrated into any sur­round­ings – always providing the most impressive sound performance.  The Athena 0.5 is a two-way bass-reflex system, equipped with two shielded 5" bass/midrange drivers and a shielded 26 mm soft dome tweeter. The flexibility of the system has been even further enhanced by the use of magnetic shielded drivers, making the Athena 0.5 an obvious choice for the centre speaker in your new combined stereo and home cinema system. The Athena 0.5 can also be used as a front and/or rear speaker in a set-up consisting exclusively of 0.5 units or in systems combining Athena and Poseidon.

The Athena 0.5 mounted using a shelf bracket. This is often the preferred choice  when the speaker is used as the centre speaker in a home cinema set-up.

The Athena 0.5 is perfect for stand-alone floor positioning. When mounted on a stand, it makes an ideal front and/or rear speaker in a home cinema set-up.

The shape of quality 

Athena speakers are made in the shape of tall, slender cylinders. A clean and classical form. An image of simplicity that radiates elegance and is almost chaste in its mini­malis­tic purity. Blending in perfectly with their surroundings, Athena speakers fit in every­where.

The design of these speakers was not a random choice. In addition to being beautiful to look at, the slender, extruded aluminium cylinders provide a number of acoustic advantages.

Shape and material, a perfect match

This particular combination of shape and material is nothing short of perfect. Firstly, the aluminium is so thin and takes up so little room that the inner dimension of the cylinder is remarkably spacious compared to the outer dimension, providing the bass with the space it needs. Secondly, extruded aluminium ensures a very stable construction, as it is com­pletely seamless.

Aluminium is a malleable material, making it particularly versatile and a pleasure to work with. Furthermore, it can be shaped to form a perfectly smooth curve, which both emphasises the lustre of the material and imbues the speaker enclosures with a high level of inherent strength.

In order to secure a high degree of accuracy and craftsmanship on all cabinet parts, each individual part is machined in pure aluminium. Simultaneously, the aluminium benefits (!) with a high degree of mechanical strength and stability.

No standing sound wavesThe cylindrical shape itself guarantees a vast improvement in sound quality, as the curved sides eliminate standing sound waves inside the cabinet – thus avoiding the risk of sound distortion. Athena speakers allow the full power of the sound to come through – cleanly, distinctly and beautifully, without even the slightest hint of discord. The sound of precision itself. The only slight drawback among the many advantages is the fact that aluminium is a metal and therefore occasionally has a tendency to “sing along” with the music. However, a minor problem of this kind is no match for modern technology, as it is now possible to isolate specific qualities from one material and combine them with qualities from another to open up a whole new range of material options – an new world of possibilities, in fact.But you do not have to take our word for it. Listen carefully and let your own ears be the judge!

Technical sophistication 

The technical development of the Athena range has only one goal: to ensure perfect reproduction of sound, thus opening the door to a world of beautiful listening. Only the very best technical and technological models and features have been included in the process.

When is sound perfect? This is the big question – and quite difficult to answer, because at the end of the day, acoustic quality is in the ear of the listener. Naturally, test instruments and procedures are important – but they are merely tools. Technical measurements can only register the scientific characteristics of the acoustics; the sound your ears perceive may be quite different.

The bass, a central issue

The difference between good and inferior sound quality is very often linked to the bass range. The more space, the better the bass; it is as simple as that. Therefore, it re­quires a technically creative mind to combine excellent bass with a slim-line cabinet. Athena speakers are products of such ingenuity. They contain the best speaker units avail­able on the market – a bass unit which is particularly well-suited to narrow cabinets and a tweeter that contributes a soft and transparent sound image. Even the “minor” features were selected for their superior qualities. As a result, Athena  is equipped with air-core inductors, metal film capacitors, fully encapsulated cross-over networks and gold-plated terminals. Throughout the process, only the best was consid­ered good enough for Athena, and no stone was left unturned in the search for perfection at all levels.For additional documentation and technical specifications, please contact your (local) Athena dealer.

Athena speakers – the sound of perfection.

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