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Marantz TT-42 - Tam Otomatik Pikap Marantz Marantz TT-42 Posted On 11.11.2022
Last Update On 11.11.2022 Marantz Marantz TT-42
Marantz Marantz TT-42 Marantz Marantz TT-42 Marantz Marantz TT-42 Marantz Marantz TT-42 Marantz Marantz TT-42 Marantz Marantz TT-42
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Marantz TT42 Tam Otomatik Pikap. İyi durumda. 

Many of your cherished vinyl records may never be issued in digital formats, which means good turntables are now more important than ever. That’s why Marantz offers you a fully automatic, high-quality turntable with DC servo belt-drive, low-coloration tone arm, and transparent dust cover. The ideal answer to your need for a high-performance source component for analogue records. Set-up is easy since the TT-42 is fully pre-installed. Vinyl is here to stay.

Low noise DC servo motor

Fully floating chassis

33 1/3 & 45 rpm

Automatic start

Automatic tone-arm return and stop

Metal bearing

Rubber belt

Motor: AC / DC - / o

Drive System: Belt / Direct o / -

Bearing: Ceramic / Metal - / o

Operation: Manual/Automatic - / o

Speed: 33 - 1 / 3 / 45 RPM o / o

Stylus (MM / MC) o / -

Stylus version DN251S

Belt: Rubber / Silicon o / -


Rated Output 4mV / 1kHz

Frequency Range 20Hz - 18kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio 65dB


Clever Clamp -

Available colors: Black / White o / -

Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm 420 x 360 x 137

Weight in kg 5.4

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Length   42   inch
Width 36 inch
Height 13 inch
Weight 6 lbs
Shipment Local Pickup Only

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İstanbul - Turkey

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