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Antelope Zodiac Gold 384 USB DAC/Preamp and Voltikus PSU Antelope Zodiac Gold 384 Listed On 05.09.2019
Last Update On 05.09.2019
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Antelope Zodiac Gold 384 USB DAC


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Excellent with remote and original packaging

The Zodiac Gold is the top of the Antelope Audio dac line. The Gold is considered an improvement over its lesser siblings because of its high quality stepped attenuator, and because of the board modifications made to use such attenuator.

There is a motor which lets the attenuator move either when commanded from the computer (through a small front end, which mimics the looks of the zodiac gold, to let the listener regulate the analogue volume through the pc), or with the remote control.

The remotely controlled stepped attenuator is for the preamplifier only, while the integrated headphone amplifier uses a smaller knob, to be regulated manually.

The DAC employs a custom-built USB chip that allows streaming audio up to 384 kHz.

The Zodiac line uses a master clock that is encapsulated in a “thermally isolated region”, which Antelope calls ‘oven’, to keep it as precise as possible. Jitter management is handled by the proprietary Acoustically Focused Clocking technology (AFC), implemented in all Antelope’s professional master clocks.

At the time of this review, the latest firmware update brought the Asynchronous jitter rejection mode to the USB.

UPDATE: DSD support was scheduled for the first quarter of 2013, with a firmware upgrade. On 2013/05/30,  and I am not sure that the Zodiac Gold will be upgraded to support DSD anymore.

The Zodiac Gold is a connectivity monster, given it can work as a usb transport for other dac’s (through the coax and bnc digital outputs), it can act as a balanced and single ended preamplifier, headphone amplifier, and dac only.

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