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Piega Ace 30 Speakers Alunimium Ex Demo Piega Ace 30 Speakers Alunimium Ex Demo Posted On 6.02.2023
Last Update On 6.02.2023 Piega Ace 30 Speakers Alunimium Ex Demo
Piega Ace 30 Speakers Alunimium Ex Demo Piega Ace 30 Speakers Alunimium Ex Demo Piega Ace 30 Speakers Alunimium Ex Demo Piega Ace 30 Speakers Alunimium Ex Demo Piega Ace 30 Speakers Alunimium Ex Demo
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Ex demo with 12 month warranty and all packaging. New price is £1000. Now the smallest speaker in the Piega portfolio, they have curved cabinets just 14cm wide and 16cm deep, with the baffles measuring the size of a large postcard Piega is most notable for specialising in ribbon tweeters, including its folded ribbon designs (‘Piega’ means ‘fold’ in Italian), but it also champions aluminium cabinets over wooden ones. For the Ace range, Piega has specially developed braced aluminium cabinets, optimising them for the 12cm MDS mid/bass drivers and, of course, that famed ribbon tweeter. In the Ace 30, it is an AMT-1 Air Motion Transformer design, as found in the TMicro range and driven by a neodymium motor assembly. For the Ace aesthetic, Piega has once again leaned on Swiss designer Stephan Hürlemann. Sleek and minimalist in their natural aluminium, anodised black or high-gloss white finishes, the Ace 30 are as unassuming visually as they are in terms of size, with no visible seams, angles or fixings. Compared aesthetically with similarly priced speakers, such as the KEF LS50 Meta and Triangle Borea BR08 floorstanders, the Ace 30 may look a little functional, but they are ideal for those who don't want their stereo speakers to stand out in their living room. Compatibility Piega Ace 30 compatibility (Image credit: Piega) The Ace 30 aren’t entirely unfussy in that, while they do sound weighty enough to sit out into a room without sounding unsatisfactorily thin, their performance clearly benefits from a rear wall backing. Here, a few metres apart from one another, they produce an impressive breadth of sound that belies their size – and that sound is clear, solid and refined, fed initially by our reference Burmester 088/911 Mk3 pre/power combination and then the more modest, price appropriate Naim Nait XS 3 integrated amplifier. Sound Piega Ace 30 sound It isn’t long into Future Islands’ The Moon Is Blue that the Piegas get to show off their even balance and decent organisation as they cleanly present the jangly instrumentation beneath the vocal. Trebly synths slice through the mix, there’s a solid handling of the drumbeat, and plenty of detail comes through in between, with the Piegas not particularly biased to one part of the frequency range. You shouldn’t expect speakers of this size, nor the drivers inside them, to produce floor-shaking bass or stamp absolute authority on a track, but the Piegas are far from bass light, and the low frequencies they dig up are pleasantly snappy and agile. The backbeat in Macklemore's Marmalade is precise and cutting, riding below piano keys that are duly dulcet and an insightful, crisp vocal that captures the rapper’s deliberate style. Verdict . To their credit, the Ace 30 are neat and will fit conveniently and discreetly in a room, filling it with a sound that’s clear, lush and finessed. they offer a scale and solidity beyond what you’d expect,

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