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Cambridge Audio Azur 851N Network Player Silver Cambridge Audio Azur 851N Posted On 21.03.2023
Last Update On 11.04.2024 Cambridge Audio Azur 851N
Cambridge Audio Azur 851N Cambridge Audio Azur 851N Cambridge Audio Azur 851N Cambridge Audio Azur 851N
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Offering my main streamer/dac for sale. The azur 851n been a wonderful dac/streamer and is Cambridge Audio's flagship over the past several years as well as winning many awards and rightly so. It’s a nice sonic upgrade from its cxn models with what I would describe as a smooth and wider soundstage than the lower models. It has a vast selection of inputs and upsamples signals. Had my NAS connected up as well as Spotify and tidal steaming through with no issues. Sorularınız mı var? 

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Length   4   inch
Width 17 inch
Height 2 inch
Weight 17 lbs
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Vilnius - Lithuania

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