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Orotofn rs 309 d 12 inch tonearm Ortofon rs 309 d 12 inch Posted On 31.03.2023
Last Update On 31.03.2023 Ortofon rs 309 d  12 inch
Ortofon rs 309 d  12 inch Ortofon rs 309 d  12 inch Ortofon rs 309 d  12 inch
Description Original Description is in Turkish, other language texts are translations and can contain errors. EnglishDeutschTurkish kutusunda 12 inch ortofon rs 309 d  Ortofonun en üst koludur . sıfır çizik vardır.

demodadır dinlenebilir.

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Length   35   cm
Width 25 cm
Height 15 cm
Weight 2 kg
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200 EUR

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istanbul - Turkey

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