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ACCUPHASE E 600 état Neuf Accuphase E600 CLASS A Posted On 2.04.2023
Last Update On 13.07.2023 Accuphase E600 CLASS A
Accuphase E600 CLASS A Accuphase E600 CLASS A Accuphase E600 CLASS A
Description Original Description is in English, other language texts are translations and can contain errors. EnglishDeutschTurkish ACCUPHASE E 600 New condition rewarded by the whole world, golden diapason pricenew price 11500 EuroReason for sale: evolution at accuphaseTechnical characteristics– Recording selector– Copy switch– Tone controls– Loudness– Speaker selector– VU meters switch / lighting– EXT PRE switch– Balanced inputs– Revolutionary AAVA volume control– Output stage with triple power parallel push-pull MOS -FETs– Power amplifier input stage enables signal transmission fully balanced and improves current feedback and MCS+ topology– Tone driver circuits– Control logic relays for signal paths– Option card slots allow installation of a card managing the input of digital signal and analog disc playback– Control logic relay for straight and short signal paths– Average output power: 120 W / channel (2 ohms), 60 W / channel (4 ohms), 30 W / channel (8 ohms) – Frequency response (1 W output): 2 Hz – 150 kHz +0 -3.0 dB – Damping factor: 500 (EIA 8 ohms, 50 Hz) – Input sensitivity: 0, 05 mV (DISC MC), 0.98 mV (DISC MM), 77.7 mV (HIGH LEVEL), 0617 V (POWER IN) – Maximum dimensions: 465 ( W ) x 191 ( H ) x 426 ( D) mm – Weight: 24.0 Kg Possible connections: vinyl turntable, CD player, SACD, tube amplifier, preamplifier, speakers, dac audio player tuner Manley Ear Focus audio Mcintosh Jadis Vtl Lectron Electrocompaniet Accuphase Sphinx Audia Ayon Gryphon Vitus Brinkmann Burmester Bow Sugden Abbey Road Studio Connections Cardas Tannoy Triangle Crystal cable zavfino Advance Acoustic accuphase Anthem Arcam Atoll AudioQuest Audio Analogue Boston Bluesound Cabasse Cambridge Dali Definitive Technology Denon Elac Elipson Focal Fyne Audio Gato Audio Krell Lumene Marantz MartinLogan Monitor Audio NAD Naim Audio NorStone Pioneer Polk Audio Pro-Ject Audio Roksan HiFi Rose.Weight: 25.3 kgSecond handFrench amplifier 220 VInvoice year 2015
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Length   60   cm
Width 50 cm
Height 40 cm
Weight 40 kg
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