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Devialet 440 MASTER PRO (2X220PRO) Devialet 440 MASTER PRO (2X220PRO) Listed On 28.11.2019
Last Update On 14.01.2020
Devialet 440 MASTER PRO (2X220PRO) Devialet 440 MASTER PRO (2X220PRO) Devialet 440 MASTER PRO (2X220PRO) Devialet 440 MASTER PRO (2X220PRO)
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The Devialet 800 makes your dreams a reality: unimaginably  fine rendering (distortion is no longer even measurable) combined with more than 2x800W of power reserves.
The Devialet 800 is actually two units daisy-chained in mono-blocks: a complete Devialet 250 “master” and a Devialet 250 “slave”. Providing all the advantages of dual mono, the Devialet 800 is a savvier solution than purchasing two separate Devialet 250s.

The Devialet 800 is the ultimate in audio solutions offered by Devialet, with no compromises whatsoever. It is the result of more than 5 years of regular developments and improvements made by Devialet teams. The high-powered EVO card enables phenomenal power levels and breathtaking dynamics.

Its wealth of features and its exceptional hand polished cabinet will win over the most discerning of audiophiles.

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