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Allnic Audio H-7000 Phono Preamp Allnic Audio H-7000 Phono Preamp Listed On 01.12.2019
Last Update On 30.11.2019
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Price listed is retail, contact me for best price.   Sometimes there are demo models in stock.

The H-7000 is the new replacement model for legendary Allnic H-3000.  As before the circuit is 100% transformer coupled and LCR making for a remarkable and versatile phono stage. 

Among the changes, world premier design,  three Inputs modes fulfills the long wish of vinyl lovers.  Inputs choices in this stand alone phono stage include head-amplifier (pre-pre or electronic step-up),  hand wired step-up transformer plus MM direct input.  You may also  connect an alternative outboard step up making for almost unlimited choices for gain for your cartridge, regardless if high, medium, low or ultra low output.

The new Allnic H-7000 utilizes LCR Equalization of 600 ohms’ and constant impedance, making for excellent wide bandwidth frequency range and dynamic operation.  These are important performance features compared to traditional CR or NFB equalization.

Allnic H-7000 is 100% transformer coupled without capacitors and zero negative feedback and only two, simple active gain stages. 

The NOS vacuum tubes are controlled by high speed, automatic voltage regulation circuit in both channels with a separate outboard power supply for ultimate signal to noise.    As is with most tube designs, the rectifier tube has significant impact on  sound and although this phono is supplied with high quality tube from the factory, the design leaves many options for user to select new or NOS tubes that best suit their system. 

Bandwidth is maximized by Allnic's extremely high quality, wide frequency custom built in-house MC step-up transformers on the H-7000 MC2 input and in addition offers balanced output operation as pure class A.

Primary active amplification is achieved using four NOS E810F tubes operating in triode mode, (equivalent to μ= 57, gm = 50,000 micro ohm, making for lowest resistance of about 1 K ohm).  

The E810F is rated at 10K hour tube by design and is a perfect choice for this circuit. Although I personally doubt 10K hours of ideal operation would be achieved, it is long lived and Allnic offers a free one year replacement warranty, regardless of hours.

To conclude,  this unique circuit combined with Allnic custom hand built in house, 100% permalloy PC output transformers makes for a unique high current design of remarkable signal to noise ratio with outstanding bandwidth.

Quiet, dynamic, colorful and musical are the best descriptions I  can think of to describe this design.  In my opinion the most important factors beyond all the stated specifications.

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