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MBL C51 Integrated Amplifier MBL C51 Integrated Amplifier İlan Tarihi 22.11.2023
Son Güncelleme 22.11.2023 MBL C51 Integrated Amplifier
MBL C51 Integrated Amplifier MBL C51 Integrated Amplifier MBL C51 Integrated Amplifier MBL C51 Integrated Amplifier MBL C51 Integrated Amplifier
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The system's heart or motor, the amplifier, has a special role to play as it carefully "amplifies" the delicate musical signal and controls the loudspeaker, enabling all pieces of musical information to be bundled into a meaningful whole. The MBL Corona C51 provides the strong-hearted foundation of a simpler system by carefully combining the functions of the preamp and amplifier in one elegant chassis. No compromises here, discrete components fill the input section, MBL's trail-blazing LASA technology provides a powerful and efficient amplifier MBL to its core. For optimum channel separation and a distinct, true-to-life musical image, MBL have crafted the input stages from carefully selected discrete components. The MBL Corona C51 provides full listening pleasure in half the space.

The Corona Line hasnt just broken the mould in design terms alone; technically speaking too this new product line sets new standards. The outer solid aluminium casing contains a second casing of reinforced steel which screens off the electronics in magnetically shielded slots with full electrical isolation of the power supplies units and transformers. The CD player features a state of the art high quality Slot drive and digital RCA and Toslink inputs as well as a native USB dock for CD audio data. A novel intelligent MBL SmartLink network enables the devices to talk to one another. This means that all associated input signals are controlled by the Pre-Amplifier or Integrated Amplifier and a simple touch of the button on a device or the remote control is all that you need to put the whole Corona system on standby. The power consumption is then under 1 VA (Green Standby). The MBL Corona Line is a fully rounded statement of our proven expertise in audio engineering and design _ a consummate fusion of perfect acoustics and design. A truly alluring entry to the world of high end audio.

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